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Boudoir Shoot FAQs

There are many questions our clients have before booking a boudoir shoot, here are some of the most common. 

Is there an age limit for a boudoir shoot?

The minimum age is 21 and there is no upper limit... we will make you look and feel fabulous whatever your age, shape or size.

What style of boudoir photos do you take?

The style of images is bespoke to your own tastes and preferences which will be discussed before the shoot. Some ladies just want lingerie images, some want nudes as well, the choice is entirely yours. We can create a wide variety of styles from fresh and bright to sultry and seductive, have a look through our galleries to get an idea of our style.

Are my images safe and confidential?

Confidentiality is important to us and to our clients. Many clients have sensitive jobs and professions so they need to be confident that their boudoir images are kept private and secure. We have had a teacher, solicitor and even a politician as clients so we understand how important it is to them that their images are kept safe. Unlike many boudoir studios, all production at Harrogate Boudoir, from shoot to final product, is done entirely in house so your images are never sent to a third party retoucher or printer. In our professionally equipped workshop we do all our own processing, printing and even album production so you can relax with the confidence that your images will not be seen or stored elsewhere.

How long does a boudoir shoot take?

There is no fixed length of time for the shoot, there are numerous different sets and lighting styles to cover so to be able to give you an extensive and varied portfolio of images, we keep shooting for as long as you have the energy to keep modelling! As a guide, allow for around two to three hours, it may sound like a long time but it will fly by!

How will I know what to do?

This is a common worry that you won’t know how to pose or what to do. We can reassure you that Keith will direct you throughout the shoot telling you exactly what to do and how to pose so there is absolutely no pressure on you to come up with ideas or poses on your own. The shoot will be sympathetic to your own tastes so you won’t be expected to pose for anything more daring than you are comfortable with.

Can I bring a friend?

A friend or partner is welcome to come along as a chaperone if it will help make you more at ease, just let us know in advance… we might even rope them in to help hold lights and reflectors!

Do you do makeup?

A makeup artist for pre-shoot makeup is available for a small additional charge and is strongly recommended to get the best results for your shot.

What should I wear?

We have a private changing area so you are welcome to bring a selection of your favourite outfits if you wish. Feel free to bring anything you would like to be photographed in but here are a few ideas just as a guide:

          • • Evening wear (such as an evening dress) is good if you want modest ‘facebook friendly’ portrait images.
            • Black, white or red lingerie sets or nightwear are particularly good colours for boudoir but we can make anything you have work. 
            • Any accessories you have (such as pearl necklaces, gloves etc) are particularly useful for cameo shots and nudes.
          • • Heels are good for posture and stockings are a must for classic boudoir.
          • • Finally, if you have any props that are meaningful to yourself or your significant other then bring those along too, it can be a special piece of jewellery, a musical instrument or anything else that could personalize your shoot.

How else should I prepare for my shoot?

Get plenty of rest the night before your shoot, bags and bloodshot eyes don’t photograph too well! A hair appointment prior to coming to the studio for your shoot is a good idea too. Above all, please do not spray tan before your shoot, the camera hates spray tans!

Are refreshments provided?

Yes, you are welcome to help yourself to soft drinks from the fridge and the kettle is always on! We recommend avoiding alcohol before and during the shoot though because it makes the eyes go wonky!!

How long does it take to see my images?

When you leave the studio, we securely store and sort the images, picking the best from each set. Within a week of the shoot Keith will be ready to present these to you in a proof web gallery. If you require any prints or an album then you can choose the images you want finishing from this gallery.

Do you ‘airbrush’ images?

This is a personal choice, some ladies want their images left natural, others want the full Photoshop works! It's entirely up to you how much retouching is done, whether it's blemish removal, softening the odd wrinkle or perhaps a little slimming... we liaise with you all the way to get the images just how you want them.

What type of prints can you produce?

We have the latest photographic printing equipment and can produce prints from A5 up to six feet high entirely in house. We can provide prints ready for framing, wrapped canvases, box framed prints, leather albums and more. Keith will be pleased to show you the range of finishes when you come to the studio. We can also provide digital images on flash drive, please ask to see our portrait price list for costs.

Can I have my images printed elsewhere?

If your shoot package includes digital images then you are welcome to print those images however you wish. If your package doesn’t include digital images then I’m afraid not, as is usual with portrait studio’s we retain the copyright to the images. We do however ensure that our printing prices are very competitive against those of comparable photographers in the area.

How do I pay for my sitting and finished images?

We are able to accept payment by cash, cheque or bank transfer. Payment for the sitting is requested at the end of the shoot and payment for prints is requested at the time of placing the print order.

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'Golly Gosh Keith, I nearly cried - soft muppet that I am. Thank you so much for a fabulous experience and wonderful photos, they far exceeded my expectations and I am thrilled to bits!'

Lucy, Harrogate